Password Retention Manager

Active Directory password expiration reminder

What does Password Retention Manager do?

The Password Retention Manager is a very simple tool that runs as a service on a Windows server in a Windows Active Directory domain, informing users before their Windows user account passwords expire.

Why should you use Password Retention Manager?

By early reminder, the user, to the password change some Helpdesk tickets can be saved. Password Retention Manager offers you high flexibility to inform who and when about the password status.


Password Retention Manager Installations. Thank you for your trust and appreciate your feedback.

Password Retention Manager is an intelligent and simple tool. It allows you to send notifications of expiring passwords in Active Directory. Among other things it is possible to send notifications by mail in the native language of the user.

Message History Viewer

The Message History Viewer allows you to track when which notification was sent to which users.

Dashboard tabular and as diagram

At a glance you have the necessary information on how many accounts have been blocked, deactivated or the password has expired. You can also see from the dashboard how many notifications have been sent to users. 

Optional customizable templates

You can create your own notification templates and use them in the notification configuration. The following ActiveDirectory variables are available for the template: (givenName, DisplayName, sn, mail, sAMAccountName, Department, expiredate (no AD property), maxdomainage (no AD property), expiredaysleft (no AD property)

Flexible notifications

You can schedule notifications flexibly and define them for specified user groups.

What is required

Windows operating system (32/64Bit) 2008R2 and newer, .Net 4.6.1, email server for notifications and running Active Directory

How long does the installation / configuration take?

  • Installed in less than a minute
  • Configuration in less then 5 minutes

Password Retention Manager is free for private and commercial use.