FAQ - frequently asked questions

Because that’s what we want! We do not collect data or integrate advertising for third parties into our applications. Currently this software and the associated development costs (website, development environment, time, resources) are private.

Yes, Password Retention Manager will always remain free.

Not yet, but we plan to offer a paid version of Password Retention Manager version 3. 

So far there is no reason not to maintain the software further.

Yes, of course we are happy to accept both. Please use the ticket system to enter your inquiries: Support

The Password Retention Manager is a very simple tool that runs as a service on a Windows server in a Windows Active Directory domain, informing users before their Windows user account passwords expire.

By early reminder, the user, to the password change some Helpdesk tickets can be saved. Password Retention Manager offers you high flexibility to inform who and when about the password status.

There will definitely be a major innovation. We are currently working on version 3 which will offer many useful features.

Completely redesigned user interface
Lists and reporting options
Possibility to use on Windows Core Edition

Details will follows!

We assure you that Password Retention Manager never passes on data independently.

No Internet connection will be established.